Crazy Camp Game

Crazy Camp

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You have mixed feelings when it comes to camps. You like how you get to stay in the great outdoors and look at the wondrous sky at night. Likewise, you get to experience stuffs you don't usually do at home. Then there are also not so good stuffs. Being in the great outdoors exposes you to bugs and yep, you're freaked out by them. You're not comfortable with the way they are living their lives. So every time you're out, you make sure to have your bug spray with you. Tonight, you're in another camp with your friends. Everything's so peaceful and the moon's shining brightly on a clear sky. You close your eyes to breathe in the fresh air of the night. But the you hear a loud vehicle approaching and some loud voices you can't understand. You instantly open your eyes to the sight of clowns.

You can't help but run around as well. Aside from bugs, clowns can also cause your breakdown. You just don't feel good around them. They're creepy and super weird with their ever smiling face. And now they're invading your camp. You need to do something about this and bring back the peace of the night. Play Crazy Camp outdoor escape game by Mouse City.


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