Crazy Boy Funny Room Escape Game

Crazy Boy Funny Room Escape

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Juan's friend whom everybody calls the crazy guy for he tends to do unthinkable things to accomplish what he wanted, like the time the gang went to a party and they were all not invited, but as crazy as he can be he sweet-talked the bouncers and then they all managed to get in! And among other things he did, that gave him the title the crazy guy. That day, Juan decided to visit that crazy friend of his for he has another adventure and he bets his friend can help. As Juan enters in the premises, the crazy guy wasn't exactly free that day, for he was actually trapped in the house for a whole day now! The crazy guy asked then how was Juan able to enter, well he just entered but when they tried the door where he came through, the thing was now locked again. Now they are both trapped in!

The crazy guy at least had a clue that the door can only be opened from the outside and that's one factor which can get them out of there, the other is being saved by their joint efforts. They both have no idea what happened and even though the crazy guy had tried a whole bunch just to find some answers what's going-on so he can escape, nothing and he still trapped. Escape players, it surely won't be easy to escape from the situation of the crazy guy and Juan here, but will you join in though and see if your skills will be enough to find a way out?

Crazy Boy Funny Room Escape is a brand new point and click house escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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