Crane Bird Escape Game

Crane Bird Escape

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The poachers in the forest have really gone out of control that week, it's like they are going overdrive in stealing a whole ton of animals in the place now, it's truly a devastating sight and as a person who had lived in the place for all of his life, Peter is saddened by the sight but what can he do? Those poachers are armed and he already saw people tried to stop them before, but they ended-up threatened to the point of stopping. Maybe Peter can do something about their operations going smoothly, what if he'll try to free an animal there in their place without them knowing? Maybe they'll fall-apart by blaming each other on who did who?

Peter had no other way in his mind that he can think of, so that's why he decided to free an animal which the poacher had taken, and the first one on his sights was this crane inside a cage. It's the easiest that he can get to and because there are very few to no guards in their base, he thought he'll be able to make it by opening the cage's door and get away without them knowing. Escape players, want to help Peter with this attempt of his and make the rescue possible? Try not to get caught now.

Crane Bird Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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