Cozy Resort Escape

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“The winner of the raffle draw is ticket number 26!” You screamed when you realized that your ticket won an overnight stay at the Cozy Resort. This resort is your dream resort but it is so expensive and you can’t afford to book for a night. So you took advantage of this chance. When you arrived at the resort, you took many selfies and uploaded it on the internet. You rushed to your room to make a blog about your stay but you fell asleep. And when you woke up, it was already your check out time. You cannot believe that this happened. And there’s this one strict rule in the resort. The door automatically locks when the check out time comes and this is what happened to you.

What seems to be a perfect vacation became a disaster. You let the chance slip away. The chance to explore this beautiful resort plus, you are trapped inside your room. You don’t have a connection to the reception anymore so you have to find a way to escape from the room on your own. You may use all the items that you can see in your room though. Cozy Resort Escape is a brand new room escape game by Eight Games. Enjoy!