Coyote Escape

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You are the first outpost that travelers can pass before they can reach the kingdom, that’s why your job is very important for sometimes enemies would be passing there and the kingdom needs a step-up when indeed one day they arrives. One of your methods to send messages when ships arrives in the coast which you can see from miles away, is a coyote among others like birds and horsemen, but most conveniently are the birds for they can get to the kingdom faster. But those can fail too and that’s why you use your tamed coyote to cover ground if air is not possible. Well your favorite though was the coyote because it was funny and affectionate, that’s why one day when something happened to it, you really went to find it and placed one of your men on watch.

You started to find your coyote for it is suppose to arrive a day ago to receive a reply message from the kingdom, but still nothing. You feared for the worst for there are hunters in the land and they might have made the coyote a target, that’s worst case scenario, but you continued to look at the bright-side. Escape players, the land is wide and the rescue here might take days, but will you still be up until you find that one of a kind animal?

Coyote Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Coyote Escape

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