Cowboy House Escape

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You thought cowboys are those who simply like cows. Turns out they also like keeping people around. You’re new to this place. So everything looks so new and amusing to you. You’ve only seen cowboys in television. You’re thinking they were the results of writers’ imagination. But upon arriving here, your thoughts changed. You begin to see how they live and why they live the way they do. Still, you can’t help but be observant of what they do. One cowboy named Peashooter, approaches you once in a while to talk with you. You appreciate the way he wants to build a relationship with you. However, he usually just asks about assets. You don’t find anything weird with his questions. And you’re thinking this is just how the conversations of cowboys must be flowing. So you simply answer the questions thrown at you without any doubt.

But what you didn’t know is that Peashooter is only trying to calculate your wealth. He is drowning in debt because of gambling and he’s looking for a way out of it. He chooses you to help him but in a way that is not socially acceptable. Play Cowboy House Escape room escape game by Escape Games 3.

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