Cousins Escape From Unidentified Place

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Lawrence and his cousins went into this place for an adventure which they had no idea what it’s even for. It could be a luxurious house, but they know it’s a construction site definitely, they just don’t know what they are trying to build there exactly and it seems that it is abandoned or something. Lawrence kept pushing even though his cousins were starting to feel anxious, that is how adventurous he is but little did he know, he is only bringing himself and his cousins here into some real danger.

They were together at first, until they weren’t! For it seems that they had taken different paths when they went into a split along the halls there! Lawrence yelled definitely, he can hear them yelling back too from different parts of the place, Lawrence doesn’t know where to go first now, but he decided to get to the nearest one he can hear. Escape players, you are now Lawrence here and my what a problem you need to fix now, that’s because you had brought your cousins to this place and their lives are in danger now, that means he is very much responsible with them here if something very worst happens as well. Will you be able to find them all so you can get out of there safely together?

Cousins Escape From Unidentified Place is a brand new point and click area escape game from Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Cousins Escape From Unidentified Place

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