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Cottages Fun Escape

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Try this house escape adventure here everyone, enjoy! Cottages Fun Escape is the newest point and click escape game from Fun Escape Games, best of luck to you.

In the mountain resort, there is a variety of cottages there from standard to decent and even luxurious cottages. As one of the new guests of the place, Johnny picked the luxurious one for it's the only one he haven't tried yet in all his visits in the resort. Johnny found the luxurious actually really great, of course for a cost it must look great. The place was like a cabin in the forest and at the same time, it had every bit of comfort from home and probably even more! But as Johnny stays in the place for his vacation however, something wrong happened there and it really almost ruined his vacation.

Johnny was planning to leave his room for a bit to sight-see in the resort's area, but somehow he realized that he couldn't for the doors of his cottage got mysteriously locked! There's something really going-on here, Johnny is confused but he still decided to find the way out though so he can find some answers on what really happened. Escape players, care to try the cottage escape adventure here with Johnny and see if you can escape as well? Go ahead then and enjoy!

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