Cottage House

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Santa have warned you that the next place you will be going to deliver gifts into is a place which was not at all natural, for there are magical things happening in there and Santa have witnessed it before. But he is unaffected though for he has magic which can repel it. But as a helper elf with no proportions of the sort, you are at risk of getting in trouble in there so you need to stick to Santa at all times as you both go in and deliver presents.

At first it was all good as you and Santa enters the house, but it all changed though when at some point you felt a little dizzy, that stopped and when you came to you realized Santa was already outside the house! And so you ran to him quickly, but as you were about to get out through that front door, it was already too late for it slammed shut! You are now trapped in the house and Santa is outside! That means you have no protection in there whatsoever. Santa cannot get you out of there now and you must face this challenge alone. Okay this is now a bad situation especially for you, but will you be able to escape from it and safely? Escape players, you are in this situation now and you must solve this, will you be able to escape the house and quickly?

Cottage House is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Nsr Games.

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Walkthrough video for Cottage House

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