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Corporate Office 3

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It was just last week when you heard your colleague's trouble in the office. You knew her very well since she was your schoolmate in high school. She was a hard worker. So you weren't surprised that she was still able to pull through with her presentation. That incident actually gave you a push to do better and not be afraid. If she was able to pull through with such a stressful situation, you'd do fine as well. You decided to stay later than everybody to make sure your presentation was flawless. You had a limited time. Your presentation should fit just right in the given time or they wouldn't be able to get the point of your presentation. And you might be able to convince them of the content if you wouldn't be able to finish. You sighed as your friend waved goodbye to you.

How you wished you could join them in their group dinner. However, you shook your head and focused on the brighter things ahead after you finish the presentation. You were only doing some final touches and hoped to finish before the guard reached your level. The guard could sometimes just act like a robot programmed to do his duty without minding others. You looked at your watch and wondered why the guard hadn't come up yet. So you just cleaned up your space and headed out. But you couldn't. Play Corporate Office 3 room escape game by First Escape Games.

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