Convicted Witch House Escape Game

Convicted Witch House Escape

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Convicted Witch House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games for another fun adventure here plus an escape. Enjoy!

In a small cottage up by a hill, the townsfolk have finally set the verdict that the only woman living in that place is a witch! Now when the sun sets they will all set on the hunt for that woman which they now deemed so. William can contradict to that, for the woman was kind to everyone and especially to him, the speculation only started after that misunderstanding which led to her being accused as such. Of course William knew about this and that's why he went to the woman's house so he can warn her, but instead he found the house empty and he thought maybe she caught wind of what's about to go down and that's good, for her to be safety then she must move away. But as William was ready to leave from the place however, he realized a problem and of course it's not good!

William just got trapped inside the woman's house mysteriously and his concern now that if he doesn't find the way out soon, he might get accused as the shape-shifted witch and be burned at the stake! He must escape right-now before this gets worst. Escape players, care to join in the witch house escape here with William and see if you can leave without confrontation from the townsfolk? Good luck then and make haste!

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