Conventional Japanese House Escape Game

Conventional Japanese House Escape

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Conventional Japanese House Escape is a brand new point and click escape game from WoW Escape for more dose of fun escapes here in a cute Japanese home. Enjoy!

Maru was solving the puzzle of the Japanese house and even though it looks like a cool place to live in, it's not a typical house but a place that hides an amount of treasure and the house is just a cover for it. The treasure which Maru researched was so vast that it can set anyone for life many-fold over, that's why Maru who just got the tip from secret old books did his best to get entrance to the place secretly to find he was looking for.

Maru is now in the house and the place was good, better than his home even, but he is only after what's being hidden by it though and soon he'll get it but well, he still needs to stay alert for anyone especially to the one who owns the place finally returns. Maru had successfully mapped and photographed the entire house in his narrow time being there and he decided to leave for now because he thinks he had wasted a lot of time in the house, will he be able to find the way out before he gets compromised? Place yourself on Maru here then escape players, good luck and have fun escaping with us!

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