Contented Boy Escape

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The boy Eric was teaching has a potential of becoming a good teacher as well in the future. One because he sees the intellectual capacity of the kid and even so he is still joyful and contented. That’s what makes the kid likable for he isn’t really showing-off at all that he is smarter than any kid in the town. Guess teaching a child manners too is important aside from intellect, Eric is learning as well and because of the kid he is also starting to reform.

It was a class day that day and it’s time to teach the kid more about Science and Math, but he never came though which he never does and Eric got very concerned. And so he went to the kid’s house just to see how he is doing, that’s when he found-out that the boy was nowhere to be found and his mother was hysterical! Eric tried to calm her for he is now there to help, but actually he doesn’t know where to start for he doesn’t even have a clue of where that kid might have gone to. But still he will search for him for he hopes that he’ll find him eventually and is safe. Escape players, Eric is going to need a little help here though so that finding the boy will be a lot quicker. Will you be able to lend a hand for this search and potential rescue?

Contented Boy Escape is a new outdoors rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.