Contemporary Urban Room Escape Game

Contemporary Urban Room Escape

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Allison was looking for a new home to move into and for a while, she had been checking-out houses but still she doesn't seem to prefer the houses she had been to until, she found what seems to be the perfect one for her finally. There was this urban style house which was located in the suburban area and that brings-in the vibes of the city even though she is a ways away from such. And so that day, Allison requested to stay in the place for a bit just to feel the place and the owner just said okay for she just lives next-door. Throughout the day, Allison finally has a decision to purchase the place for the rooms were great, but there was a problem in the middle of everything though, for it seems she couldn't get herself out of there!

Allison realized that she is now trapped in the house due to the door being jammed! Allison began worrying though and even still she is trying her best to find another way out of there and finding-out what's going-on before the situation gets the best of her. Escape players, will you be able to accomplish such a situation here which Allison is now experiencing? It might be simple or a very serious one so be ready.

Contemporary Urban Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Ekey Games.

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