Contempo Blue House Escape Game

Contempo Blue House Escape

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It's the days of the months when you wished you were somewhere else. Certain days just happened to be such a bummer that you always look for a place to chill. So for the weekend, you chose to stay at a contempo blue house in the nearby city. You had a friend there but you had no plans of telling her you'll be staying there. You wanted to be there like a total stranger and be whoever and wherever you wanted. Your closet had quite a lot of clothes you wouldn't normally wear. So you packed those and planned to rock them there. You wouldn't be able to mind how people see you since you don't know them all. Your mind was all set for wonderful weekend. Then you received a call. You were dreading that it might be your boss. However, it was just a confirmation of booking.

You grinned ear to ear after taking the call. Then you swung your bag and left you house. It was a few hours away. But even the travel relaxed you. But you couldn't wait to see the house as well. You entered it and was wowed at its interior. You stayed for a couple of minutes searching for the right outfit. However, you were ready to go out, the door wasn't. Play Contempo Blue House Escape room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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