Container House Thanksgiving Escape Game

Container House Thanksgiving Escape

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Container House Thanksgiving Escape is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by Ekey Games. Good luck on this adventure here everyone, enjoy the challenge!

Having a container here for a house is quite a good one, for one can design it then to look luxurious. That's what exactly Sean did and his place was not just cozy, but definitely feels cozy. Thanksgiving is going to be good in his home, he even invited his family over for the feast tonight, well that's if he can solve the problem first which had occurred while he was preparing everything for the party.

Sean prepared more turkeys so that everyone can have more than they deserved so that it'll be a happy evening. But that problem however is not going to make that possible, for all of the turkeys just escaped and they are all over the place! Some are outside in the garden and the others are inside the house which was now locked for he accidentally did not pay attention to it as it slowly closes. Sean is definitely puzzled here for there are now two problems here happening at the same time. Escape players, care to join Sean here as he solves his thanksgiving predicament? Good luck then and enjoy!

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