Container Flat Escape 4

(39 votes, average: 4.67 out of 5)

You must have attracted a lot of negative energies while you’re trying to escape the third container flat. All the while you’ve been thinking of the possibility of encountering another flat. And your thoughts materialized. You’ve been very careful not to touch unnecessary items that may cause another adventure. But it seems like adventure is meant to follow you. So you now find yourself inside the fourth container. It’s very similar to the one you have previously solved. Even some of the puzzles are similar. You smiled at the thought of finishing this room in just a jiffy. Yet you didn’t expect to be spending a lot of hours with just a puzzle. You don’t usually do this when your out and free. When puzzles get so tough, you simply toss it and forget about it. But not this time. Every bit of the puzzle is essential.

So no matter how tired you get from thinking of ways to make the pieces fit, you pushed through. It’s your effort or your freedom. And you obviously choose freedom. But will you really get freedom after this? Or will another flat pop up and continue to keep you imprisoned? Container Flat Escape 4 is a room escape game by Mouse City.