Conservatory House Escape Game

Conservatory House Escape

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Brent works as a conservation expert of wildlife, his major study is plants and the fruits of his labor from that was his luxurious house! There are rare species of vegetation there in his living-room which he keeps and cultivates. One day, he got pretty excited for finally one of his very sensitive seeds just sprouted and he could not express well the happiness he has, it was one hard seed to grow and there are only a few of them right-now. In his excitement however, something just happened and now he could no longer get himself out of the place!

Escape players, Brent has no idea what happened for he just got trapped for no apparent reason! Maybe he did something and because of his excitement, he might have unconsciously did it? He can't really remember but whatever this is, this situation is already worst for he is currently alone at home and nobody can help him. Come and place yourself on the shoes of Brent here and be ready for anything, for there is definitely something going-on in the place and it might be more serious than he thinks.

Conservatory House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Fun Escape Games.

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