Selfdefiant creations can be found here to be played.Selfdefiant is a former game hosting site and now, it is one of a number of game developers which provides other games for different escape game hosting sites and developers like Mouse City, Melting-Mindz, and the Hooda developers. Established in the year 2012, This game developer works like a developing support team way back when it slowed down of hosting other games. This developer creates all sorts of escape concepts; adventure for Mouse City, item retrieval for Melting-Mindz, and state games for the Hooda. From then on, the developer have been doing well, ever since it provides solely created games for other developers to host. As for the game backgrounds they produce, the developer creates both virtual-art and reality-picture based in equality, it would all depend however on the site that would host it. Wanna try a few of what we mean? Then take a peek on three games by them hosted by three different developers like, Sneaky Mystery, Nashville, and Escape Distant Planet, all of which are exciting and interesting for you all to try out! Selfdefiant is a game developer that continues to provide new escape and retrieval games for different developers. And if you still wanna give it a go on a few other games from them, why not find it all here at Escape Fan! Enjoy!

Snowy Night Escape game

Snowy Night Escape

Snowy Night Escape is brand new point and click escape game released by Selfdefiant. Have Fun! ...

26 votes, average: 4.12 out of 526 votes, average: 4.12 out of 526 votes, average: 4.12 out of 526 votes, average: 4.12 out of 526 votes, average: 4.12 out of 5 26 votes, average: 4.12 out of 5