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Conquest 01

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Leo had just finished his quest here in some sort of paradise getaway location, the quest was about a mysterious item which had been kept in the place for so long inside a really old house and he has it in his bag right now! Leo was told to leave then whenever he has the item in his possession but he decided to roam a bit more and discover more secrets that the place has, maybe he'll find something else which is also of value. Leo was really in-love with the place and somehow at the back of his mind, he doesn't want to leave yet.

Escape players, care to join Leo here and see what else you can find in this beautiful place? And then leave after of course. Scan through old stone structures here, through ancient forests and manipulate things too just to see what you can uncover. But be careful still, this place especially if it has something to hide, there is more chances that it won't go unguarded by someone or by some dangerous trap.

Test the best of your skills and logic here in a semi-remote place. Conquest 01 is a brand new point and click paradise escape game from First Escape Games.

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