Concrete House Escape

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You have been kidnapped! You have no idea what this is for but you have a strong bias that this could be about business, well it could most likely be for what else is this for? You are now in this unfinished room of concrete now and you are held against your will inside it. Your mind raised at first but after a day of being held there in the room, you started to figure your way out of the place by observing the guard’s routines and finding things which can help you exploit certain weaknesses in the room.

You really have to do this escape for you have no idea what will happen next, if you keep a calm mind and demeanor then the guards there might think you are not a threat and slack their watch a bit. Guess that time is now though, for the guards got so slack that there were no guards at all! This is now the time and you must be quick with this. Escape players, you now have the tools that you need after you gathered them in such a short amount of time. Be quick with this but surely, for if you make a mistake then that could foil your entire plan to escape. Stay alert also for you might have a very small window of opportunity here.

Concrete House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by 8b Games.

Walkthrough video for Concrete House Escape


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