Concomitant House Escape Game

Concomitant House Escape

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Your summer this year composed of you working any sort of job you can. Travel was off the list for a while since you needed to build up your budget. However, it seemed like a Christmas vacation somewhere would make up for it. You were so bummed for a while. But the upcoming vacation made you work hard. You worked so hard that you exceeded your target budget. So you thought of rewarding yourself. You sat near your window and looked outside while thinking of the things you could do. Just then, your neighbor who stayed out of the country for a few months arrived. The neighborhood was so peaceful when he was not around. But his return could mean conflict. Then something sparked in your mind. You would spend your extra income on a house somewhere away from your home for a couple of days.

You thought it was a brilliant idea. However, you still needed to look for a house. So you sat in front of your computer to search for a place you could rent for a few days that would surely give you satisfaction. On the top of the list was a concomitant house. And you immediately booked the location. Play Concomitant House Escape room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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