Complex Elevator Escape Game

Complex Elevator Escape

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You usually take the stairs every time it's available. You really want to have toned legs so you try to exercise as much as you can. Likewise, you really like seeing the calories you're burning every time you step on the stairs. It's giving you more motivation to always take the stairs. However, today is quite different. Your boss calls you very early in the morning to remind you of the report due next week. He said the schedule changes and that he needs it now. You can't be late as he'll be using it in a presentation for your clients. It's like you can hear bombs exploding around you as you steady yourself and get ready. You rush out of your house without eating and head straight to work. You can see the lovely stairs but you have no time for them now. The elevator opens.

Yet you step inside only to see the boss of the other department. You're not in goof terms with him. So you try to get out but he stops you and he gets out instead. But you want to get out as well for other reasons. However, the door closes and you'll have to find your own way to escape. Play Complex Elevator Escape room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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