Combing Girl Escape Game

Combing Girl Escape

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There was this village near the coast and most of the time in the entire year, everything there is peaceful and relaxing. But one day however, Martin came across a problem and it's not concerning him however, but for that girl who lived in one of the houses there. Martin was just walking around the beach when he heard a call for help in one of the houses in the place! That got him a bit concerned and in-action for he never really hears that on a daily basis, and it's absolutely a first.

Martin came into the front of the house and it was clear now that the girl who lives in the place is now in some trouble. Surely he is going to rescue her for she is a part of the people there who contributes to the community, but the question is will he be able to and safely for the girl? Escape players, there are a lot of things in the beach here that can break a house open and save that trapped girl, will you be able to find the right one for this problem?

Combing Girl Escape is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game released by Avm Games.

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