Combatant Room Escape Game

Combatant Room Escape

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Chester is close on the heels of that skillful spy he is trying to track, he is even in an abandoned house which shows signs that the spy is in the place right-now or have just passed inside it. Chester feels great danger from this for the spy is a very skillful fighter and he knows his capabilities from the data he was given. Chester went from room to room and found no more major signs, most of the rooms there are empty but he still thinks that there could be a secret passage there which the spy used, Chester came looking for more signs but he really found nothing, and plus he seems to be in some trouble now for he couldn't find his way out!

Chester was slow in the place for it is old and he might get in danger there if he steps on a wrong surface, also he don't want to be discovered if ever the spy was in the house actually waiting for him. Chester needs to escape from the place now and maybe call for back-up then, will you help him out before he gets in a real problem?

Combatant Room Escape is a brand new point and click old house escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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