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A friend in Ohio invited you to a party. She throws the party pretty well so you can't miss that one. Because of that, you didn't waste any time and quickly went to Ohio. She lives in Columbus so this is where you are right now. She promised to pick you up at the bus stop but she never came. Unfortunately, you left your phone on the bus so you can't contact her. With that, you decided to take a walk in the city but you found yourself lost in Columbus. This is such a hassle but there's nothing you can do but to talk to the people around you.

Thankfully, they are friendly enough to help you. However, their help is not free at all. Before they can help you, you have to help them first. They have different errands to do and you have to help them out. Each of them has a puzzle that you have to solve so you really have to use your logic for this one. Are you ready for those puzzles? Play this brand new room escape game by Selfdefiant for Hooda Math and find clues that can help you to escape. Best of luck!

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