Colourful House Escape Game

Colourful House Escape

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You used to have color blindness. Your friends had no idea about it at first. So it was very easy for them to make fun of you. You remained calm throughout their teasing until you all grew enough to know about the situation. Some of them apologized while others still made a joke about it. They just didn't want you to take it seriously and feel down about it. However, unknown to you, they were plotting a surprise for you. They usually excused themselves after class saying they still had a lot to do at home. When in fact, they were busy looking for part time jobs to earn enough to buy specialized glasses for you. The glasses would make you see the colors you weren't able to correctly identify ever since you were young. It cost a lot that they had to combine all their money for a year.

And then the day of the big surprise came. You were wandering around the park when one by one your friends arrived. You didn't remember any deal of meeting at the park that day. But they asked you to follow them into a house. The house had many colors and they gave you the glasses there. They just couldn't let go of their naughtiness though. Play Colourful House Escape room escape game by Knf Games.

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