Colourful Bees Escape

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The puzzles in this area of the forest where some houses stands is kind of strange, it is weird why there are colorful bees in the place and why they are producing illusions. Well, nobody can even explain about why they even are there and who created them, maybe they are from a curse or something? Well whatever they are though, Oscar still goes to them for he is interested of the things and what they really are. So far nothing special have ever happened to him as he continuously goes in the place, he thought maybe they know he is prying on them? Well maybe, but that day however Oscar is going to experience something different and that is really going to get him into a bit of a bind.

Oscar just got trapped in the area for even though he told himself that he is tough and he can take the illusions of the place, he isn’t going to be tougher unfortunately. Now that he is in the circle of the colorful bees’ illusions, he needs to surpass it now, will you be able to help him escape players before this gets worst? This can very well get so that’s why you all need to solve this now for definitely there will be no rescue coming.

Colourful Bees Escape is another new point and click area escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Colourful Bees Escape


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