Colorful Pac Escape

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The land here is a place home to the little pacs, these little critters which are definitely not normal creatures and all looked similar to those things in the Pacman game, are just roaming around and being gentle. Kyle lives there with them now in the secret wilderness for when he found-out about these creatures and what beauty the land where they live holds, he didn’t want to go back to civilization anymore.

That day, Kyle was watching these colorful creatures bouncing around and relaxing. But as he stood-up though and checked the area near his house, he found a few of them inside his cage! He actually forgot that he set cages for wild boars to catch the day before, that could mean these handful of pacs that are inside the contraption could have been trapped since yesterday! Escape players, Kyle is now scrambling to find the key to the cage so he can free the trapped pacs, want to help him so he can release them sooner?

Colorful Pac Escape is a new point-and-click outdoors animal escape game developed by Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Colorful Pac Escape

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