Colorful Log House Escape Game

Colorful Log House Escape

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The good thing about making a house in the forest is the free logs. You can get as many logs as you want. However, the finished product is not as inviting as you thought it would be. So you thought of a way to make it more attractive. And that is to color your house with the colors of the rainbow. You think that it is really a good idea. It can complement the nature theme since your house is in the middle of the forest. You have a bucket of paint for every color except for one. You forgot the buy a blue paint so you plan to go out and buy paint. However, the door got so sticky and it won't open. You don't have any neighbors in the forest so you can't ask help from anyone.

You are on your own. But you should not worry too much because there are lots of items that you can use to open the door. You just have to collect them all and think of a way to use it as an escape tool. Colorful Log House Escape is the newest room escape game from KNF Games that will test your escape skills. Good luck!

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