Colorful Land Escape

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There is an enclosed land in the wilderness and it’s absolutely colorful in there! The place houses different kinds of vegetation and all of them have different coloration, that’s why it is such a different place then the rest of the land. But people can only watch it from the outside of its enclosure though, for the place is locked and nobody knows why it had been closed. It seems to be closed for good too, but for Nathaniel however, that won’t stop him.

Nathaniel enters the place through the gate which he tinkered with. It was actually very hard to do but he played with it and he managed, as he set his foot there and roamed across the place, little did he know that the land will not be merciful to him, and the first concerning thing he noticed is when he attempted to leave the place. Escape players, you all have some suspicion on what happened to Nathaniel there, but want to see what really happened and give help if you can to him on that? Go ahead then, go by his side and try your best to solve whatever the problem is.

Colorful Land Escape is the newest point and click area escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

Walkthrough video for Colorful Land Escape


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