Colorful Forest Escape Game

Colorful Forest Escape

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The forest is green, but people especially the outsiders would never believe that the place becomes colorful at times due to unclear reasons, so they become tourists there and see those strange wonders for themselves. Most of them would not see such though, for the interchanging colors of the place doesn't happen all the time, but actually only a few times per year. Lucky for Johnny that evening though, he'll get to witness it but unfortunately, it's not without a bit of a price.

Johnny saw it with his own eyes the changing of the colors in the vegetation there, it was absolutely marvelous! But because he tried to find it really hard though and really went deeper into the forest, he is now lost and his safety is not anymore ensured there. Okay, Johnny have seen it for himself, now he needs to get the heck out of there for it's the forest, there are untold dangers in there and in doing so he also needs to be very careful, for he makes a mistake then a chance of getting even more lost becomes heightened. Escape players, you will now be playing as Johnny here, will you be able to get back to the camp and carefully too without getting even more lost in the forest?

Colorful Forest Escape is a new wilderness escape game developed by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.


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