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Collect Your Letter

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It's such a lovely day and you are glad that your brothers are out for vacation. This means that you can eat whatever in the fridge. But the best part is that, there's no bully around the house. But if you think that you are free with the bullying, you are wrong. Your brothers can't leave without annoying you. In fact, they left letters around the house that you have to collect. Those letters contain the instructions or the step by step process on how you can escape from the house. Looks like your brothers really love to annoy you. Maybe this is their form of love to you, so technically, those are love letters. Anyway, you have to collect all of those letters so you can escape from this house. Each letters will bring you closer to the exit.

Your brothers might be tricky but you have to prove that you are smart enough to complete the puzzles that they made. You have to use your logic and think hard so you can outsmart your brothers. Play this newest point n' click outdoor escape game from Avm Games and Collect Your Letter as fast as you can. Good luck and have fun!

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