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Coffee Shop Escape

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For a few months, you'd been secretly following this beautiful person. You always see him passing by your bakeshop riding his bicycle. Every time he passed by, you would also get on your bike and follow him. You were hoping to find out where he goes every time he passes by. However, when he noticed you following him, he would pedal hard until he lost you. You didn't know why he would try to run away from you. But you couldn't care about what he thought about you anymore. You just wanted to see him every time and hopefully start a conversation as well. Then again, he seemed so freaked out by you that he avoided you. You didn't want to give up that easily. But for the past few days, you weren't able to see him pass by anymore.

You started to worry about him. Yet you didn't have any way of knowing his whereabouts. Then one day, your boss asked you for some refreshments before closing the shop for the day. You looked for a shop you'd never been to and there you found him. Your heart was thumping so loud you feared he would hear it. But he acted cool and stepped out. You waited for his return but after the long day at work, you fell asleep at one of the cubicle seats. You woke up to find yourself all alone in a closed shop. Play Coffee Shop Escape room escape game by Online Gamez World.

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