Cockatoo Family Rescue Game

Cockatoo Family Rescue

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Try your rescue skills here while laying-low from some hooligans. Cockatoo Family Rescue is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly. Enjoy!

The poachers in the forest came-back again and this time their hauls are much bigger and when Clarence saw it, he was greatly in-shock! The poachers had hauled a cockatoo family and he was just in awe how they always had the guts to bring their plunders into the village here, that can cause an outburst for Clarence knows that his village is not to be mess with, they just sit and wait getting their next move quietly for the poachers are armed and cannot be dealt with directly or risk casualties.

That day, the village decided to initiate their plans against the poachers and as for Clarence, his role was the first one after the poachers leaves to get more animals in the forest. Clarence's role is to free their new haul which was the family of cockatoos, and because they already had left, the plan is a go! Escape players, Clarence's role is quite dangerous here, but would you still join him as you all open the doors of the animal's traps? Good luck then everyone, stay alert as you get this rescue done.

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