Closed Mall Escape Game

Closed Mall Escape

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Matteo just woke-up and found himself not in his room anymore and it's the strangest thing that had ever happened to him in his entire life! He found himself in the mall and he knows that the place is currently closed, but why was he in the place and how did he even get there? Matteo remembers very well that he had slept in his room last-night and he found himself there in the center of the mall. Matteo knew then that this is going to be a long day for him, for he doesn't know if there is an actual exit here that is open which he can go through and get back home, but then he remembers that the supermarket could be open right-now and it might be the only exit!

Matteo needs to find his way out of this mall and he needs to hurry for this problem is really stressing him out. Escape players, care to join this escape here with Matteo and see if you can get yourselves out of the mall which was currently closed? Ready yourself and keep going then, try not to touch anything there in the mall.

Closed Mall Escape is another new point and click building escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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