Cleopatra's Temple Game

Cleopatra's Temple

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While walking along the dusty roads surrounding the temple, you find this old coin. It has some lines on it like a maze. You look at it closely and the lines are leading to a place. You try to follow the lines on the coin and it takes you to a temple. Yet you don't know the name of this temple. It's not even advertised on the map. Then again, you're very happy with your discovery. So you take out your camera to capture this moment. The temple is a bit dark so you have to turn your flash on. Nothing happens on the first three flashes. But on the fourth, some of the structures are falling slowly. You try to run away from the temple. It sure is silly to still hang around for some possible loot. But you're hanging around to discover more.

So instead of running way from Cleopatra's temple, you run through the falling debris. You only have dust on your clothes but not a single scratch. After dusting yourself off, you begin to take note of the details inside. However the temple moves again shifting the possible entrances and exits. Play Cleopatra's Temple outdoor escape game by 365 Escape to escape the temple after your exploration.

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