Classically Cool Living Room Game

Classically Cool Living Room
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Stephen won the biggest prize in the contest, and that is a new room at the luxurious apartment building! He never really expected to win but see he did and it's very surreal for him. That day, he was finally welcomed to enter to his new place and he expected it to just be plain and all, almost empty of items, but when he entered he saw that it was already filled with items! He didn't have to add more for everything was already there. Well, just a few tweaks though and that's it, perfect. Stephen decided that he'll add more food to the fridge, now that's important, but when he was about to leave the place to get those however he found-out that he couldn't, for his doors would not open!

Strange, at first Stephen thought the problem was him, maybe he doesn't know how to operate the thing, but he had done every logical thing to it but still it wouldn't. Stephen also called for anyone through the phone but it seems that the line is not on yet. Something is definitely wrong here and he is really not getting any more comfortable about this. Escape players, come and test your skills of escape here with Stephen, be ready for this is still an unknown for him. Scan the living-room for anything that you can use to escape.

Classically Cool Living Room is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Fun Escape Games.

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