Classic Wooden Villa Escape Game

Classic Wooden Villa Escape

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Emma has this beautiful classical rest-house and it's located on top of a hill overlooking everything surrounding the place. It was very beautiful and she is very much thankful to her husband who gave this to her as a gift. She spent an entire month in there and she thought she'd never want to leave, but she has to though and return home. At least she had finished decorating the wooden panelings of the place and the sort before she leaves from there. The day had finally come that she'll say bye-bye with her home for now, but somehow though a sign kept coming-up like the place doesn't want her to leave!

Emma was about to leave when suddenly she realized that she couldn't get herself out of the house anymore for at first she couldn't find her keys to her car, and second some of the doors have been mysteriously locking and it's like the place is really keeping her in! Emma is now very confused what is happening but she refuses to think this is paranormal, but it got even worst and she really couldn't escape her house anymore! Escape players, Emma is in a situation here which in the back of her mind she thinks was actually a good thing, but she still needs to leave though for errands have been calling for her back home. Escape players, want to help Emma here escape as calmly as possible?

Classic Wooden Villa Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Ekey Games.

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