Classic Red House Game

Classic Red House

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Red is such a strong color that you chose it for your house. But of course, you couldn't really live in a single color house. So you mixed in some white as well. It was so elegant and sophisticated looking that you just have to embody it. You rarely get visitors in your house. When people asked to meet you, you would take them to cafes instead. You wanted your house to be a place of pure rest and relaxation. Work should stay outside. This was one of the reasons why you kept a key inside your house. No one could just open it from the outside especially when you were inside. If they really wanted to talk to you, they would just have to wait. You found this strategy very effective. So you always have your house to yourself with no traces of stress.

However, this feature was only at its best when you have the key with you. The moment you have forgotten your keys, it would mean you wouldn't be able to leave. This happened twice already and you promised it wouldn't happen again. But just as you were about to go shopping, you discovered the key was nowhere in sight again. Play Classic Red House room escape game by First Escape Games.

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