City Forest Escape Game

City Forest Escape

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Escape players, come and check-out this escape adventure out of the vast forest. City Forest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by Fun Escape Games. Have Fun!

Phil was on a hike through the lush forest for not only it is his day-off from work, he is off for he is looking for an abandoned wooden cabin somewhere deep in the area, for his father gave him a message something about it before he passed. He is determined to get to that house even though he knows there are a lot of cabins here in the forest and some are even occupied. On Phil's search for that cabin, he noticed that the sun is slowly going down and soon he'll have to set-up camp. But he realized something which he did not expect and that brought him into a dire situation now!

Phil somehow lost his hiking pack which was one of the ton of bags that he has and that bag was pretty vital! It had his tent, fire-starter, and majority of his food rations for the potential days of hiking. He needs to turn-back now if he decides to do so for there is still time before the sun sets completely. Escape players, Phil decided to return to the start of the forest and maybe find his bag that got lost. Care to join in and see if you can escape the forest with Phil before the worst of the situation arises? Good luck then!

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