City Bunker Escape 3D Game

City Bunker Escape 3D

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You're on your first trip alone in a foreign country. Your parents tried to stop you for so many times using so many ways. However, your mind is already all set to continue your adventure alone. You promised them that you'd keep them up to date with whatever it is you're doing. It's quite easy because of the presence of many WiFi hot spots. So you always have your phone out capturing almost everything you can. This will never be a burden to you since you really love capturing moments during your trips. Having these footage is like hitting your goal in one throw. There are so many interesting things surrounding you in this unfamiliar country. You always have your lenses focused on things in front of you. You'll surely have a lot of videos to work on. But you might have to also find your own way home.

The surroundings are so engaging that you forget to focus on your things. The place you're visiting is famous for thieves and you get to experience them firsthand. So you have to find a place to stay in for the night. You find a city bunker and immediately book for a room. Your budget can't go any further than this. And it seems like your luck is running out as well. Play City Bunker Escape 3D room escape game by Mouse City.


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