The Circle 2 - Sole Hunt Escape 49 Game

The Circle 2 - Sole Hunt Escape 49

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You're in a strange place where strange rulers once lived. You can still see some remnants of the lives they had. You're not very sure but some of the structures inside are like creatures that just turned into stones. It's like they became statues in the middle of their duties. Maybe they weren't expecting that this was the last time they'd be able to move. So you just carefully walk around them not even daring to touch them. You're afraid that they'll jump to life once touched. Then again, it's very hard for you to work on this mission unless you interact with the items. After a while, you start touching some statues hoping they'll give out important items. But they only gave you the shivers. It seems like their lifeless bodies still have lifelike eyes. You can't help but feel like they're watching you.

This makes you work a little faster. You don't want to face this big creature for who knows how they'll react. You find something that you put into a skull. It makes a rumbling sound and you know you must be getting closer. But how much more will you have to do to make the ghost appear? Play The Circle 2 - Sole Hunt Escape 49 outdoor escape game by Enagames.

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