The Circle 1 - Desert Home Escape 35 Game

The Circle 1 - Desert Home Escape 35

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When you heard about casting off the evil spirit, you were not sure if the journey would still be worth it. You never liked spirits though you were somehow forced to interact with them. And to have them inside a human body was even worst. So you tried so hard to find a way to avoid this task. However, you knew no one else would come and work on the things you were doing. Then you just tried to focus on what's around you. Strange enough, there was a ship in the middle of the desert. Maybe this used to be the ocean floor. But for whatever reason, the desert took over. The spirits may have a lot to do with this. You heard they liked seeing the chaos of a place. And this was just one of their perfect scenery.

The sun was beating down on you while you walked around trying to find out how to start your mission. Then you started seeing items one and by one. And it seemed like an automatic response that you pieced them together in your mind. So you start doing the same thing again and again until you get rid of the evil spirit and find the clue for the next location. Play The Circle 1 - Desert Home Escape 35 outdoor escape game by Enagames.

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