Cindrella Model Escape

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Jenny went to the house of this model for she needed help with her attires for tomorrow’s shoot. And as a stylist and her friend, Jenny went of course for she always would like to help. Jenny and her model friend worked quite a bit hard that day, for her friend switched from attire to attire and Jenny needs to fix everything that needs fixing. At the end of the day, finally their job is starting to finish for there are only very few clothes left. Her friend was in her room changing to the Cinderella outfit and Jenny anticipated it for she might be needed to further check the attire. But something else happened though and her friend got trapped there!

At first it was funny, her friend getting trapped in her own house, but after a few minutes it got serious, for the door doesn’t want to budge even though both of them tried to open it from each of their sides! Okay, this seems weird now, more so for her friend for she really have no idea what just happened. Escape players, both women are not pulling a prank here, something did happened to the door and now Jenny’s friend is trapped there in the room. Okay then will you help Jenny here on her side and maybe you can open the door with what you can find there in the house?

Cindrella Model Escape is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Cindrella Model Escape

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