In Cinderella's Park Escape, Cinderella wanted to build a beautiful school and park.

Cinderella’s Park Escape

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It’s a well known fact, that Cinderella is the most beloved princess this country ever had. The common folk simply loves her. They would do anything for her because of her kindness. She cares about the poor very much and her affection doesn’t stand without proper response from the people. Her only enemies are amongst the nobility, of course. They don’t like how the people follow her without question. Furthermore, they fear that their power is in danger.

Cinderella’s latest idea was to open a school and a playground on the royal family’s money for the children of the poorest village in the country. Her husband, Prince Philip is already arranging the funding for the project when some members of the nobility crashed the palace and demanded to see them. These court members do not agree with the project because the Royal Gala is more important. When they cannot persuade the couple, they locked up them up in the dungeon.

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