In Cinderella's Magic Ring game, Cinderella is enjoying the good weather outside.

Cinderella’s Magic Ring

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When the High Prince married Cinderella, they became the official rulers of our lands. Hence, they are now the keepers of the magical seals that guards the magic in the kingdom. The Prince receives the mighty scepter to wield it with wisdom, and the Princess is given a magic ring to wear it with dignity. Unfortunately, right after their rule began, an epidemic is soon

It was so fast that they didn’t really have time to set up a quarantine. The Prince set off to the north with money and doctors, while the Princess went to the south to hand out medicines and treat the people. On her way, the carriage ran into a ditch so they had to stop. Right in this moment, a group of bandits ambushed them and took away everything valuable. They even took the magic ring. Find it!

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Walkthrough video for Cinderella’s Magic Ring

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8 years ago

LOVE the music!