Christmas Winter House Escape Game

Christmas Winter House Escape

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The huge cabin here which was luxurious in its own right must be prepared for even though the forest outside looks green now, the current season is pretty close to winter and soon temperatures will plummet there, also it must be prepared for Christmas because family will be coming-over this holiday. As the owner of the place, Ethan knows his place and it is ready for the winter and the holiday, but there was a problem that day in the house and that really got him to do something.

Ethan was about to chop some wood outside when he realized he could not open the front-door, it was strange too for he doesn't know exactly what is going-on with it, so he tried the back door and that's when he found-out that something is really going-on in here, for it too was locked! Ethan doesn't know what to do for he doesn't exactly know what was happening, but one thing is clear in his mind and that is he needs to get himself out of there and solve this problem for this is his home, any problem there must be fixed by him. Escape players, play as Ethan here and see if you can solve this problem no sweat. Venture around the house and use every item there that can help you out.

Christmas Winter House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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