Christmas Winter Forest Escape Game

Christmas Winter Forest Escape

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It's Christmas everywhere and still Colt is traveling through the snowy forest just to get home which was the next town from where he came from. He is deep in the forest now and there are no settlements whatsoever, in other words he must not stop or he'll be in the darkness there when the last light from the sun finally disappears. Colt doesn't want to get in danger there especially that the temperature is already a killer, not on Christmas day as well he doesn't! So he is determined to get home.

Escape players, the path is getting covered with snow and Colt fears he might not see it anymore when time passes, he needs to hurry and the only way to that is to help him out in navigating. Will you be able to do so if you were Colt and make more progress than when he is alone? The town will be near shortly if you don't stop, so keep going and keep yourself as warm as possible.

Check this escape adventure everyone! From a now dim wilderness covered with snow. Christmas Winter Forest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

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