Christmas Villa Escape Game

Christmas Villa Escape

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A lot of history have gone passed through the Christmas villa, for not only it is pretty old, the place was made from the things which had fell centuries ago but because of tedious preservation and care through the years, the place still stands and was even decorated for Christmas! The house is as huge as a mansion and is open to the public, one can consider this as a Christmas village for everyone to enjoy watching. One night however as the place slows-down and only a few people remain in the house which includes the caretaker who was Robert, something very weird had occurred for some of the doors in various rooms would lock and later open. That's pretty strange, but Robert was suspicious of this and he thought maybe there is somebody in the place with them or something!

Robert was cleaning-up in some of the rooms that night when finally, the last straw came for when he was about to leave from a certain room, he knew he was locked in for his co-workers there are not the prankster-type and because of the strange occurrence earlier, this might be another case of it. Escape players, care to join Robert here on this escape of his from the Christmas mansion-like villa?

Christmas Villa Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by 365 Games.

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